Sleep Pouch

Sleep Pouch

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Black tourmaline ~ Lepidolite ~ Amethyst in a Sari Silk Pouch


The combination of these stones to support sleep is frankly alchemic. 

We’ve never seen this combination offered before.  Here’s why it works so well for us.

Black Tourmaline is the ‘Great Protector.’  You can release stress or anxiety because you have the most powerful black tourmaline in the world watching your back.  It comes from the Sindhupalchowk mine in Nepal.  This particular Black Tourmaline also protects you from sleep paralysis and night terrors.

The Lepidolite offers a soothing peaceful vibe, which we all need for a restful night sleep.

Amethyst is so much more than a sleep stone, but in this case, it adds something incredibly useful.  This added and critical ingredient to a restful night is helping rid negative thoughts. 

Keep these stones close at night – on your nightstand or under your pillow.  Before you lay your head down, hold them in your hands and ask them to help you rest peacefully.

Sweet dreams.

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$5 Flat Rate Shipping