Protection Pouch

Protection Pouch

Insiders Guide to the Other Side

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Black tourmaline ~ Selenite in a Sari Silk Pouch

 Carry this pouch with you wherever you go.  In our pocket, your handbag, your car and your bedside table. 

We created this pouch to effectively act as your spiritual bodyguard.

The Black Tourmaline will protect you from malevolent energy and forces.  Our energetic world is a combination of light and dark and it will always be.  Click here to learn more about this specific Black Tourmaline.

Selenite clears negative energies.  Click here to learn more about Selenite. 

The Selenite will help keep your energetic body clear and the Black tourmaline will help protect your energetic body.

Boom! Bodyguard.

Remember to keep your protection pouch close.  Keep on our bedside table at night while you sleep, not another room.  Trust us on this one.  It can only guard you if it’s close.


$5 Flat Rate Shipping