It's OK not to be Ok Pouch

It's OK not to be Ok Pouch

Insiders Guide to the Other Side

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Sugilite ~ Pink Opal ~ Lepidolite ~ Rose Quartz in a Sari Silk Pouch

There are so many times in our lives when things are not OK.  We talk about how it’s ok not to be ok on our podcast.  Sometimes we’re hurt, sometimes we’re angry, sometimes disappointed – whatever you call it, it’s important to grieve your way through it.

Losing a loved one is perhaps one of our most painful grieving times.  We grieve break-up’s, job losses, financial losses, divorce, moving and now living in a pandemic.  Now, we grieve the loss of being social, touching, hugging, dating and feeling captive in our own home.


Sugilite is stunningly beautiful and incredibly rare stone (only found in one working mine in the world) that can show every shade of purple and every shade of blue.  It has a bazillion (not really, slight exaggeration) uses from wisdom to spiritual love.  However, from two people who had grieved entirely too much in this lifetime, there is no better supportive stone than Sugilite.

Pink opal is a love stone that helps heal our emotions – specifically those of us struggling with sadness. It can work to heal our emotional wounds and hidden fears enabling us to handle what has happened in our life.

Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing by dissipating negativity.  In fact, part of Lepidolites chemical make-up is natural lithium (aka ‘happy gas’).  Your pouch comes with a Lepidolite carved into a ‘worry stone.’  Hold between your thumb and index finger then rub the indentation with your thumb.  It will provide peaceful energy while you feel your way through your grieving process.

For any matter pertaining to the heart, Rose Quartz must always be included.  The ultimate crystal for unconditional self-love.

Don’t forget to touch your rocks folks.  In your pocket, in your hand, in your bra – you choose, but touch them.  Hold each stone in a separate hand, note the feeling, then change hands.   Since you have four stones to work with, experiment which ones work in combination with another. Work with them as they will work with you. 




$5 Flat Rate Shipping