Get Stoned on Space Stones
Get Stoned on Space Stones
Get Stoned on Space Stones
Get Stoned on Space Stones

Get Stoned on Space Stones

Insiders Guide to the Other Side

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Clear Quartz

Blue Star Felt Pouch

High vibrational Space stones can certainly make you feel out of this world, which is the point.  Everyone is different, therefore each of us feel the high vibration differently.  A number of people report more of a ‘full or partial body high’ with Space stones.  It’s been reported by many crystal workers that these stones carry an ET (extraterrestrial) energy. This pouch is packed with high vibes.  Please remember not to operate any heavy machinery when working with this pouch.

Moldavite is certainly seeing it’s ‘day.’  It’s become very popular in the last year, which is ironic given this authentic material is running low.  There’s only so much of it!  The popularity is so big that Chinese rock vendors have created a synthetic laboratory version.  They are passing it off, with certificates, as if it were the real deal.  It is not.

Enough warnings and current event status on Moldavite.  Let’s dive into this incredible stone.  

One look at Moldavite and there’s no question it is a stone unlike any other, etherically carved of spiritual fire.  This mysterious green talisman is star-born, formed from nature’s violent meteoric impact with Mother Earth.  This event occurred roughly 15 million years ago, and a splatter of hot glass formed a strewn field across central Europe.  As a ‘Stone of Connectivity,’ Moldavite carries an incredibly intense vibration, a fusion of earthy and extraterrestrial energies that are quickly felt, often dramatically in those who resonate with its power.  Holding Moldavite for the first time often produces a sensation of heat, felt first in the hand, then throughout the body. Your Vibes team has worked with Moldavite for decades. We’ve seen Moldavite connect with people’s heart chakra that produces a serene calming effect.  We’ve also seen it aid some people in a good night’s sleep.  Some are unable to sleep a wink while working with Moldavite.  If you’re Brenda, you cannot be in the same state as Moldavite or it will feel like your head blew off your body.  People that carry a high vibration on the regular should practice safe stone work.  If the power of a stone is too much to handle, stop handling it.

The standard pouch includes a 3-gram piece of Moldavite, while the large pouch includes a 4-gram piece of Moldavite.

Our Tektites are from Tibet.  They possess a gentle, yet powerful energy.  They were formed when a large meteorite hit Earth.  If your superclair is Clarsentience (sensitivity of ‘feeling’), you will undoubtedly encounter a much stronger high vibe than others.  Spend time with your Tektite, you will likely form a bond as your abilities will consistently become stronger.  In some traditional societies, Tektites are worn to promote fertility for both men and women.  We wanted to have this warning label just in case you’re not in the pregnancy market. In turn, if you are, buy a lot of this.

Clear Quartz is included in your pouch because this stone has the ability to magnify the energy of other stones.  If you hold your Moldavite with the Quartz, you will certainly feel an amplification of the Moldavite effects.

If you purchase this pouch, we request you purchase the ‘Safe Landing’ pouch that includes Dravite from Katmandu to assist coming down from your ascension, as well as a selenite to keep your stones clear and clean so you can use them for a lifetime.







$5 Flat Rate Shipping