Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients
Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients
Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients
Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients
Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients

Clearing and Protection Bowl Ingredients

Insiders Guide to the Other Side

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When we enter our home, we need something to help us clear the spiritual ‘dirt’ off our body and aura.  Our home is our sanctuary.  In many cultures, it is required for people to remove their shoes as they are considered unclean.  When you trek around town, say walk into a McDonald’s or a Wal-Mart, you pick up dirt on your footwear.  Same principal holds true for dirty energy on your body and in your energy field.

The purpose of a clearing and protection bowl is to clear unwanted energy.  We have designed our bowls to not only clear energy, but protect your spirit, ground you, release old energy, promote calmness and surround you in love.  We use the highest quality stones, minerals, plants and flowers to assist you in this daily ritual.

These bowls are quite easy to assemble and use.  We’ve done most of the work for you.  You will receive a glass jar layered with everything you need.  Pour the contents into any bowl you choose or purchase one of our Tibetan singing bowls to use as your vessel.  Place your bowl by your front door and run your hands through it each time you come home.  You can also tote your bowl around to other parts of the house and use accordingly.  Suzanne and I have four in our home.  The biggest and baddest one is placed in the center of our dining room table.

The crystals in your bowl will never need to be ‘cleaned’ since Selenite is one of your stones.  Selenite clears others stones and never needs to be cleared itself.

If after running your hands through your clearing bowl you happen to feel better, don’t be surprised.  Crystals are made-up of SIO2, the same chemical make-up we have in our bodies.  These are not foreign substances to the human body, they are the same as us.

You can certainly make your own clearing and protection bowl with the ingredients below.  We are undoubtedly happy to sell you one of ours.  Each kit contains 32 ounces of the crystals, minerals, and flowers above.  Bowls sold separately

Read more about the crystals in your Clearing and Protection Bowl below.

Black Tourmaline is your armour!  I’ve been asked over and over why this particular black tourmaline from the Sindhupalchowk Mine outside of Katmandu is so powerful.  I can only respond with one simple word ‘alchemic.’  It’s simply magic.  Especially for those needing some peace from unseen forces.

Selenite is a powerful workhorse.  It helps fend off stress, anger, and exhaustion.  Promotes calmness, concentration, and aids in communicating with the wisdom of angels.  More importantly, it can cut "cord" connections and clear away negative energies/entities.

Rose quartz is a stone of the heart.  Its soft pink essence carries the energy of compassion and peace.  Rose quartz inspires love and beauty, most importantly, within each of us.

Smoky quartz is the talisman of the root chakra.  It’s an ancient stone of humankind, considered the stone of power.  Its power comes from the undeniable ability to transmute negative energy and release it back into the Earth. 

Amethyst is the stone of wisdom.  The stone of high frequency.  It purifies the aura of negative energy or attachments as it creates a protective shield of light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and calm.

Hematite is a workhorse supporting the root chakra.  It’s a very protective stone that helps you stay grounded and calm during times of distress and worry.

As its name suggest, Angelite assists in connecting with the angelic realm.  It helps quiet the spirit and slip into a more tranquil state.  Angelite helps open up your lungs to reunite you to your breath.  Just breathe.

Lepidolite is gentle, calming, soothing and balancing.  This stone possesses natural lithium, you know, the ‘happy’ gas.  It strongly resonates with the heart, third-eye and crown chakras.  When you need to calm down, pick it up.

 For thousands of years, our ancestors have been using plants not just to heal the body, but also the mind and spirit.  Lavender promotes happiness and can even help dispel depression.  It also cleanses and protects our chakras.

Himalayan Salt in one of the most powerful ingredients to release any kind of negative energies, thoughts and feelings.

Forbidden Black Rice has a few jobs in your clearing bowl.  For one, the color black is known to be protective.  The other is rice helps absorb moisture in your clearing bowl.


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