• Rainbow Fluorite Point

    Rainbow Fluorite Point

    We love Rainbows, so by association, we love Rainbow Fluorite.  Fluorite is known as the ‘Genius Stone.’  Increases concentration and helps in decision making.  It also absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations.  Each color in Rainbow Fluorite has its own properties: Green – Intuition Blue – Spiritual awakening & clear communication Purple – Stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and brings common sense Yellow – Enhances creativity Clear/White – Merges personal and spiritual energies Important note, clear your fluorite regularly on a selenite slab

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  • Moon Dragon Scale Pendant

    Moon Dragon Scale Pendant

    Dragon Scale felt grounding, warm.  Similar to an Indica, if we’re talking marijuana.  It’s more of a full body high.  Very calming, keeps you in the moment.  A low, settled buzz and a warm feeling. ‘Feels Like a Hug’” – Kathryn Gallagher  

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  • Martian Red Edin Pendant

    Martian Red Edin Pendant

    “Heady.  I’m obsessed and don’t want to take it off.  Keeps me relaxed and keeps my creative channels flowing.  ‘The Creative Companion’” – Kathryn Gallagher  

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  • Natural Carbonaceous Achondrite Bracelets

    Natural Carbonaceous Achondrite Bracelets

    “This bracelet is a pocket-sized part pack. ‘The Space Jam.’” – Kathryn Gallagher  

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  • Olivine Rings and Pendants

    Olivine Rings and Pendants

    “This felt romantic.  Like the feeling you get smelling fresh cut roses from your lover.  I had a text from my crush within minutes of wearing it.  It’s the honeymoon feeling all over again.  Positive, giggle, light and filled with possibility. ‘The Let Love Ring, Ring.’” – Kathyrn Gallagher

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