• Malas


    Mala’s are ancient Hindu and Buddhist ritual tools designed with 108 beads which are used to keep count while repeating an affirmation while meditating. Not all Malas are alike, the individual beads and stones have different energy and meaning to harness different vibes. Vibes Malas are handmade & hand carved by the ancestral people of Tibet who gave us this beautiful ritual. Our very own Brenda Rose (Witchy Poo) held each Mala and asked it to speak to her.  Below is what they said. GEMSTONE MALA’S   Rose quartz Qualities: Emotionally healing, calming, centering qualities.  Gently alig...

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  • Palm Stones

    Palm Stones

     The shape of the palm stone was designed so you could comfortably hold the crystal in your hand while meditating or performing healing work.  We are offering a number of palm stones and will be adding over time.   Selenite Selenite awakens our Crown Chakra.  And certainly, clears negative energy so you can reach for the angelic realm.  Selenite is a one of the softer stones, more malleable than others, reminding us we can move through this world with a sense of gentleness.   Labradorite Labradorite is a stone that transforms from the ordinary to the extraordinary, shimmering in a mystical ...

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  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Our hand hammered, hand polished, 7-metal singing bowls are sourced directly from our Sindhupalchowk Mine owner in Katmandu.  Our mission is to support our hard working and incredibly gentle-natured partners.  We’ve expanded our relationship that begun with Black Tourmaline and Dravite to now singing bowls and even felt pouches. Our artesian singing bowls from Sindhupalchowk measure 7” across and come with the traditional set including a mallet and ring cushion.  Because of our relationship and volume, we were able to secure these beauties at a very fair price that we are passing along to y...

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  • Kyanite Wand

    Kyanite Wand

     Blue Kyanite is loved by your Vibes team for its ability to immediately align chakras and subtle bodies, bringing a calming effect to your whole person.  It also enhances telepathic and psychic abilities.  In the workplace, Kyanite promotes strong communication by encouraging self-expression and speaking one’s truth.  Like Citrine, Kyanite neither accumulates nor retains negative energy.

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  • Pendulums


    Pendulums have been around since Galileo.  He found them useful for timekeeping.  Others have used pendulums or divining rods (or ‘witching rods’) to locate ground water, buried metals, gemstones or gravesites by following the Earth’s vibrations.   We use pendulums to seek ‘truths’ or ‘answers’ to specific questions.  There are a few things to consider when using a pendulum (much more training is required, but this should get you started): Anchor the elbow of the arm holding the pendulum to ensure you don’t inadvertently swing the pendulum With the same arm, hold the pendulum by the top of...

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