• Protection Pouch

    Protection Pouch

    Black tourmaline ~ Selenite in a Sari Silk Pouch  Carry this pouch with you wherever you go.  In our pocket, your handbag, your car and your bedside table.  We created this pouch to effectively act as your spiritual bodyguard. The Black Tourmaline will protect you from malevolent energy and forces.  Our energetic world is a combination of light and dark and it will always be.  Click here to learn more about this specific Black Tourmaline. Selenite clears negative energies.  Click here to learn more about Selenite.  The Selenite will help keep your energetic body clear and the Black tourmali...

  • Sleep Pouch

    Sleep Pouch

    Black tourmaline ~ Lepidolite ~ Amethyst in a Sari Silk Pouch   The combination of these stones to support sleep is frankly alchemic.  We’ve never seen this combination offered before.  Here’s why it works so well for us. Black Tourmaline is the ‘Great Protector.’  You can release stress or anxiety because you have the most powerful black tourmaline in the world watching your back.  It comes from the Sindhupalchowk mine in Nepal.  This particular Black Tourmaline also protects you from sleep paralysis and night terrors. The Lepidolite offers a soothing peaceful vibe, which we all need for...

  • Love Pouch

    Love Pouch

    Rose quartz & Rhodochrosite in a Sari silk pouch   There is nothing more attractive than a confident person who is compassionate, caring and creative.  Welcome to your love pouch. Rose quartz is THE heart stone of the crystal kingdom.  It restores trust and harmony in relationships. It’s a humble stone that helps restore confidence in us.  The most valuable healing energy from this beautiful stone is unconditional love for oneself.  If you are unable to love yourself, it hard to love another. Rhodochrosite is a relatively rare and stunning crystal that supports positivity and possibil...

  • It's OK not to be Ok Pouch

    It's OK not to be Ok Pouch

    Sugilite ~ Pink Opal ~ Lepidolite ~ Rose Quartz in a Sari Silk Pouch There are so many times in our lives when things are not OK.  We talk about how it’s ok not to be ok on our podcast.  Sometimes we’re hurt, sometimes we’re angry, sometimes disappointed – whatever you call it, it’s important to grieve your way through it. Losing a loved one is perhaps one of our most painful grieving times.  We grieve break-up’s, job losses, financial losses, divorce, moving and now living in a pandemic.  Now, we grieve the loss of being social, touching, hugging, dating and feeling captive in our own home...